Entering Awards

Event Places

To enter award places, click on the Enter Places button. A table with the name of each event is shown. Select the event for entering the award place - if an award has been won. Places from 1st to any number (entered using the Score Pad) are available. If no place - it will show as N/A.


Age Group, All Around and Team Places

Other award placement including Age Group, All Around and Team Place are available.

Grade and Comments

Also included in the Places screen is the ability to add both a Grade for this meet (your choice on how you grade the meet) and the ability to add some additional comments (Had a great meet, or Fell on bars). Useful for remembering what happened down the road.

Set Age Group

You can also change the Age Group selection for the selected meet. By default, the age group of the gymnast is used when the score is entered - but can be changed to Actual Age Group when known.




Meet Tracker

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