About Meet Tracker

The Gymnastics Meet Tracker application for iPhone and iPod Touch is for those parents sitting in the stands, typically recording their childs scores in a program sold for several dollars and afterwards either stores them in a box filled with other programs you will never look at again - or you just throw it away.

Now - with Gymnastics Meet Tracker, you can load up your entire team of gymnasts, enter their scores and award places and see results from the meet instantly.

Main Features include:

  • Saves individual Meets, Teams and Gymnasts.
  • Combines a Meet, Team and Team of Gymnasts by level for score entry, award entry and reports.
  • Tracks an entire season of results for either boys or girls by team.
  • View seasons of results by level.
  • Many reporting options:
    • Meet Report
    • Meet Results Graphed
    • Team score for a meet showing the initials of the gymnast that contributed to the team score
    • Meet results for the entire team
    • Season result scores and graphed
    • Season of Team Scores
    • EVERY report can be sent via EMAIL in 3 formats
  • Many PREFERENCES to change the way YOU want to use the application


Meet Tracker

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