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My reasons for developing this application are:
1. I have both a daughter and a son involved in gymnastics - so I spend a large quantity of time sitting and watching gymnastics meets.
2. They both have iPod Touches - so I thought it would be a great new hobby developing an application that could alleviate some of the bordom that can happen during a very long gymnastics meet - what better way to make use of this very cool technology than to play with it and doing something constructive - like scoring the gymnastics meet.
3. Buying a paper program for up to $5 per meet and writing down a bunch of numbers that then gets left in the bleachers or stored in a large box - never to be looked at again - what a waste. Now - I can score the meet, calculate the team scores instantly and send the results during and after the meet to family and teammates.

So - I wrote a rather simple gymnastics scoring program that makes sense to me and I hope you think it is worth while - have fun with it!




Meet Tracker

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