About Meet Tracker - Android

The Gymnastics Meet Tracker application for Android does the same Gymnastics scoring as the application on the iPhone/iPod Touch - but utilizing the Android operating system and it's unique interface elements. What this means is the same features as the iPhone version of the application on the Android operating system. Even the ability to share data between Android devices and iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad devices.

With Gymnastics Meet Tracker, you can load up your entire team of gymnasts, enter their scores and award places and see results from the meet instantly. Post results, email reports and share data.

Main Features include:

  • Saves individual Meets, Teams and Gymnasts.
  • Combines a Meet, Team and Team of Gymnasts by level for score entry, award entry and reports.
  • Tracks an entire season of results for either boys or girls by team.
  • View seasons of results by level.
  • Many reporting options:
    • Meet Report
    • Meet Results Graphed
    • Team score for a meet showing the initials of the gymnast that contributed to the team score
    • Meet results for the entire team
    • Season result scores and graphed
    • Season of Team Scores
    • EVERY report can be sent via EMAIL in 3 formats
  • Many PREFERENCES to change the way YOU want to use the application


Meet Tracker

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