Entering Scores

After selecting a Meet, Team and Gymnast, the Tab Bar of buttons at the bottom of the main screen will be enabled, including the TWO methods for entering Scores. There is a new method of entering scores in addition to the original - selecting a gymnast and entering scores for each event and the ability to select teammates and continuing scoring.
Now - a new way of organizing how scores are entered based on a list of teammates and entering all scores for a selected EVENT. This new way can save a bunch of time entering scores because there is less selecting gymnasts and moving around in the application.

Scoring by GymnastScoring by Event

Scoring by Gymnast

Now each event is displayed with its current score - if previously entered. Click on the Detail Disclosure button of the event you wish to enter or modify. A picker or score pad - based on your selected preference for scoring control (see preferences) - will appear. Enter the score and tap on Save. You will return to the score page with event scores and All Around score update.

To select a teammate and enter their score, click on the table row containing the MEET/Gymnast information and the following selection page will appear:


Scoring by Event

Scores can be entered by Event for a team of gymnasts without having to select a new teammate before entering a score. The second tab bar button will display the second page above. Then, select which event you are scoring and the following page will appear (for example - BEAM):

Now, select the gymnast and a picker or score pad will allow for adding/updating the Beam score. Tap on Save and the event/gymnast this new score will be updated, along with an EVENT team score and All Around Team Score (based on number of gymnast scores count for a team) will updated.


Deleting a Score

The only place to Delete a Score is from the Scoring by Gymnast scoring page. Tap on the Delete button in the Enter Scores window for the ability to delete a score. If a score was entered incorrectly - say at the wrong meet or level, now you can delete it, and re-enter it in the right meet or level. Don't worry - if you accidentally tap the Delete button, you are warned and can cancel the action if necessary.



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