Once scores have been entered, there are a number of reports available.


Individual Results

An individual gymnasts results for the selected meet can be displayed. An EMAIL button is in the upper right corner - selecting that button will format the current display in an email (based on email preference setting) and bring you to the Email application ready to send your childs meet results to whom ever you want, instantly. Charting an example meets results are shown below.


Team Results

If you are scoring an entire team of gymnasts, calculating the team score is a click away. It uses the top 3 scores of each event, showing the initials of the gymnast and their score that is being used. Event scores and an overall team score are displayed. Changing the number of teammates used in the team score can be changed in the Preferences (using between 2 and 6 gymnasts) if desired. An example Table Listing of Team Results is shown below.


Season Results

For an entire season of progress, here are examples of a Season Report, Season Chart containing a gymnasts scores on the floor and a Season of Team Scores.





Meet Tracker

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