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November 22, 2011 -- version 1.6.0 on the App Store.
- Changes and new features:

  • NEW - Facebook posting available from the Meet Results view.
  • Added ACTIVE indicator on the Gymnast view. Making a gymnast inactive will hide their name from team selections when entering scores.
  • Highlighting of results for a Season High score in BOLD on the Main View.
  • Teams and Gymnasts are indicated with a Pencil icon for teams and gymnasts that have a score available for the selected meet.
  • Improved main page display.

February 25, 2011 -- version 1.5.5 on the App Store.
- Changes and new features:

  • NEW - Enter Event Start Values. The ability to enter and track Event Start Values in the Scores by Gymnast view. This allows tracking the start values of routines for those gymnasts doing optional routines. The Start Values can be shown in the Meet Results report and in the Meet Graphing view.
  • Two new preference settings: one to allow start values & to show start values in reports, another for displaying award placements in report views.
  • Team Place Entry. A new team place entry can be recorded and shown in various reports.
  • Set Age Group for the selected meet. Change the scores Age Group value after the score has been added.

January 10, 2011 -- version 1.5.0 on the App Store.
- Changes and new features:

  • NEW - Database Maintenance. The ability to export data from the database and import data into the database. Check the data consistancy and Delete and start over if necessary.
    A PDF Database Maintenance Guide - please read before attempting to share your data.

- Updates:

  • Fixed an error entering the first score in the Enter Scores by Event mode.

September 23, 2010 -- version 1.4.0 on the App Store.
- Changes and new features:

  • NEW - Second Scoring Entry method. The new scoring offers the ability to enter all the scores for a particular EVENT without needing to change the selected gymnast. Event Scoring shows all teammates in one view, following the selection of one event. When you finish the scoring for the event, a Team Score is shown along with each events team score based on the selected number of gymnasts scores that count per team.
  • NEW - Scoring Entry Pad. Scores can now be entered using a Calculator like interface rather than a Wheel Picker - available in the Preferences selections.
  • NEW - Season Team Scores report. View an entire season of Team Scores at once.
  • Updates:
  • Better Season and Level reporting. A new Preference for selecting what month of the year a new Season starts offers the ability to see reports by a Level or Season view. A Season and Level button in some reports (ex: Season Results) will appear if more than a single Level exists or more than a single season is being competed at the same level to toggle between multiple views of results.
  • A reports can now email in three formats (selectable in the Preferences view) - they are HTML, TEXT or CSV.

January 2, 2010 -- version 1.3.1 was made available on the App Store.
- Fixes:

  • A problem with meet filtering not showing meets that have no scores added not showing up. Now, all empty meets show up in both gender selections. A bug fixed when adding and deleting meets when filtering is turned on.

December 20, 2009 -- version 1.3.0 was made available on the App Store.
- Changes and new features:

  • Preferences - added a new preferences feature for controlling how the application works.
    • Meet Filtering (by gender and lastest date)
    • Scoring control (decimal control)
    • Email output selections
    • Number of gymnasts for Team Scoring
  • Email from the Team Score report.
  • Better control of Levels. Now spells out Elite and High School levels.
  • Emails are now sent from within the application (for iPhone OS 3.0 and later).
  • Ability to scroll through the meet results with the addition of a Next Gymnast button.
  • Fixes the Select Gymnast window. Now only shows those gymnasts at the same level.

July 15, 2009 -- version 1.2.1 was made available on the App Store.
- Fixes problems related to iPhone OS 3.0 incompatibilities - where the last events score and place was not allowing selection and entry. Instead of having to select the Disclosure Button, now selection is done by selecting the table's row making it much easier as well.

June 23, 2009 -- version 1.2 was made available on the App Store.
- Much easier team scoring because a new Team Selection window was added by tapping the Meet/Team/Gymnast row at the top of both the Enter Scores and Enter Places windows. A selection window is shown with only those gymnasts on your team at the same level to instantly select a gymnast for their score entry. Much less navigation is now needed to score an entire team of gymnasts.
- A new report showing in table form, an entire season of results for the selected gymnast. This includes the ability to email these results. If you have more than a single season entered (results at different levels), the Plus/Minus button allows toggling between levels instantly.

May 10, 2009 -- version 1.1 was made available on the App Store.
- Fixes showing a zero level before scores were entered.
- Adds a Delete button on the enter scores view.
- Fixes some Delete errors if the last item is being deleted as well as trying to delete a row that was not selected first.

April 29th, 2009 -- Gymnastics Meet Tracker - version 1.0 was officially available on the App Store.




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