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December 5, 2014 -- version 1.9.0 on the App Store.
- Changes and new features:

  • NEW - iOS 7 and iOS 8 native support. GMT now is native on iOS 7 and iOS 8 taking the new Look and Feel of these OS's. Functionality has not changed except the Look of the app now is Up-to-Date.
  • NEW - Multi-Level Meet Support. A new setting on the Meet allows multiple levels of Gymnasts to be calculated together for Team Scores. This is helpful for XCEL meets where many levels can be combined for Team Score.
  • NEW - Meet Locking. A new setting on the Meet allows this meet to be Locked. When locked, attempting to change a score or placement award will result in a Message dialog and the score can not be altered.

December 12, 2013 -- version 1.8.1 on the App Store.
- Changes and new features:

  • NEW - Graph Scale Preference. A new Preference Setting to the scale of the graphs. Allows the graph to be drawn in three different scales to view the results with a full scale starting at 0, a medium scale starting in the middle and a minimum scale showing just the higher scores for a better view of the top range.
  • NEW - Export a Season's worth of Data. When exporting data from the app, you can now export an entire Season of Data for the selected Gymnast.
  • NEW - Levels. Several new LEVELS were added, including "COPPER" for XCEL and a College level.

September 17, 2012 -- version 1.7.0 on the App Store.
- Changes and new features:

  • NEW - Entry of Awards/Places by Event. A new Preference Setting to change how Awards/Places are entered. Switch to use the new Places by Event method of entering your teams Awards.
  • NEW - Entry of Season Goal Scores. A new Preference Setting to allow entry of Season Goal Scores. If set, the entering of Goal Scores for the Season is available in the Scores by Gymnast view. Goals scores will then appear on the Season Reports (both Graphing and Season Results).
  • NEW - Gymnast Sorting. A new Preference Settings for changing the sort order of the Gymnasts. Now supports changing between First Name, Last Name or Age Group/Level. Everywhere Gymnasts are selected are sorted by this preference setting.
  • Added button label on Info page to better indicate Database Maintenance activities.

December 7, 2011 -- Meet Tracker HD is released on the AppStore.

  • NEW -- the iPad version is finally here. It is a full rewrite of the iPhone/iPod Touch version and has all the features of the latest release - version 1.6.0. To see a full description of all the features, browse the Features. To see the history of the application, visit the latest news section of the iPhone version of Gymnastics Meet Tracker.



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